Time Management Activity

paper with card numbers and suits on them
Our deck of cards had to be in this order. We did really well with our times- 1:25, 1:08, and 1:03.

My group did really well in this activity. We came up with a terrific plan to help us make sure that we finished the activity in the time that we said. We said that we could do all of this in two minutes–but we were not striving for two minutes, we wanted it to be quicker.

Our plan was to divide the cards into their suits and then put them in order. Chase was the leader (because he devised the plan) and he was also the dealer. Debra was the time keeper and she called the order out. Layne, Chase, Jason, and I put the cards in order. We would help each other by helping put the suits in the pattern’s order and by the number in each column.

We sped our time up each time. The second time we tried having two dealers. It didn’t really work, but it didn’t mess anything up (we just didn’t think that the flow was right). We weren’t focused on the time, we focused on our task and then worried about the time afterwards. We did work harder each time to beat the previous time–and it worked. Our team had the second fastest times out of the entire class! Yay group 4!


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