Time Management Assignment

open agenda with highlighter and pen
My Lilly planner is my to do list and my life.

On Tuesday we were asked to create a to do list of all of the stuff that we wanted to accomplish the next day and then to keep a record of what was actually done.

Here was my to do list:

  • Read chapter 5 before class-History to 1877
  • Work (8:00-10:00, 3:30-7:00)
  • Do discussions for World Literature; Read new readings before quiz tomorrow
  • Blog posts / IT Amber assignments
  • Help kiddos / work on stuff to prepare for Friday’s session
  • Get EAST Hours
  • Do hour by hour chart throughout the day
  • Fix psychology notes


Here is my day’s record:

The Day’s Record

We were also asked to take a quiz about time management. I scored a 55, which means I have great time management skills. But there are ways that I can maximize my time. One, I can start prioritizing my to do list. I do not do this enough and so sometimes I end up feeling scrunched for time, when in actuality I could have just done this task first, instead of the other one. Another thing that I can do is set little goals so that a big task, such as a paper, does not seem like that big of a deal.

Because I do not have very much free time in my day, I can start maximizing my day by doing things during down time.  I work in a computer lab as a lab assistant. If students, faculty, or staff do not need help or if the printer is behaving (and not beeping), I usually do not have anything to do. I work in the mornings and afternoons– most days– and in the mornings, I am usually dragging but in the afternoon, I usually get stuff done! I am going to start using my time in the morning to get some of those minor tasks done, or do a little bit of work on a bigger task. This will help me in being more productive because I am the type of person that if I do really well on a task, or even complete a task, I get this burst of energy that makes me feel as if I can tackle anything.


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