My Favorite Web-Based Service

Screenshot of iPhone Folder
I love that I can access all of my Google Apps right from my phone!

I know I am not the only one who loves Google, but I do and it is definitely my favorite web-based service.

Not only can you use the search engine to find hundreds of things related to the topic that you searched, but you can use some amazing tools that Google has developed. These tools (which they call Google Docs or Apps) consists of Google Docs (a word processor), Google Slides (presentations), Google Sheets (Spreadsheets), Google Forms (surveys, quizzes, etc.), Google Drive (where everything is saved) and Google Calendar.

Plus Google provides email (which they call GMail) and they also have Google Hangouts (so you can message or video chat with other Google App users), as well as Google Groups (which can be a handy forum for a group of people to easily share information).

All of these tools are SUPER handy! I use all of them, not just for this class, but for ALL of my classes, plus my EAST project! And I make my students in my EAST program use it! It is so easy to share information with other people, as well as edit presentations, documents, spreadsheets, etc. on the go! AND IT SAVES AUTOMATICALLY, so you never have to fear losing your work!

I personally have nothing negative to say about Google. When I look at Microsoft, it makes me cringe and I am so happy that I do not have to use it.

I REALLY LOVE GOOGLE and all of the organization and easiness that it brings to my life!


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