Reflection on Active Listening: A Case Study

Click Here: Active Listening Case Study

After reading this case study I began to realize how important active listening really is. It can actually make or break relationships–personal or professional.

I always knew that you should provide feedback when listening, but little things such as, repeating the speakers words back to clarify your understanding helps BIG TIME!

I also knew that body language was really important, but when you look formal and intimidating, it tends to “frighten” your audience. To bring the impression that you are not uptight and intimidating, you want to relax a little bit and make sure that the person you are talking to knows that you are on the same level as them, even if you are a superior.

This case study opened my eyes up and helped me realize that just because you might hear the person, it doesn’t always mean that you are engaged with them. To give the speaker some kind of peace-of-mind, you want to actively listen to them and let them know what they are saying is actually being heard.


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