To the Moon, We Go!

On Thursday, January 12th, Cheryl made us do an activity with our new teams. We had to rank a list of items that we needed in order to survive in space. The rankings were from 1 to 15 (1 being most important and 15 being least important).  We had to do it individually and then collaborate as a team. Whichever team had the least amount of points, won the IT Amber trophy!!!

My team did not win, but we did have a total of 28 points! So we didn’t do too bad!

Throughout the activity, I felt like my team had a bit of a hard time staying on topic because they would start thinking literally, like we were actually going to the moon. Obviously we should take the activity seriously, but I constantly found myself trying to steer the group back to the ranking. I appreciate them for wanting to be logical about this, but we were also pressed for time. We needed to make sure we actually had something down.

I felt like I benefit my group, Amber Alert, in that I like to stick to the task and get stuff done. I enjoyed hearing their thoughts and ideas, and most of what they spent time thinking about, actually helped us get the correct ranking–or at least really close to it.

I really enjoyed this activity and my team! It was a lot of fun! Plus they all know a lot of interesting facts about the moon and space, that I either didn’t learn or forgot!


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