Introduction to Adobe Fireworks

To start off our second semester with Thomas, we started messing with Adobe Fireworks.

I feel like I had an advantage with working with this program, because I use (and love) Adobe Photoshop. Fireworks is very similar to Photoshop, but it is so much easier. The main thing that stuck out to me with Fireworks is you can copy and paste right onto the canvas, which is something you cannot do so easily in Photoshop.

On the first day of exploring Fireworks, we did a few in class things to get us acquainted with the tools that Fireworks offers. Then Thomas gave us our assignment–the dreaded File Folder Icon, but I talk about that it in another post!

One in-class assignment we had was to take a picture of a soccer player and add him to another background. You can see the original picture and my edited one down below.  We used the Bitmap tools in Fireworks, specifically the Lasso Tool to “cut” him out from the originial background onto the other.


Our other in-class assignment was the “Bird on a Line” picture. We used the clone tool to do our next in-class assignment. During this assignment we all broke Thomas’ website so we had to find a Google image to use. We all chose this one. The before and after pictures are below. I know that my after picture is not perfect, but I thought it was pretty cool. I took the two birds that were right next to each other and spread them apart.


Adobe Fireworks is really amazing to use, and super easy compared to Photoshop! I really like it and I am happy that we went over it in class. Now I have the tools to help a client with their logo or some other image for their website.


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