Group Meetings Self Assessment

After taking the self assessment about how I interact in group meetings, I realize that I need to step it up! Normally, I lead group meetings, so I do not know how to really interact as a “listener”.

My score was 17. The description for it said this:

You can contribute much more to meetings than you currently do. By speaking up, masterful meeting participants help create an environment in which meetings are productive, effective, and engaging.

As I was taking the test, I really thought back to our last major EAST Scholar meeting with both of our directors. I was very quiet and did not speak up, even though this meeting had my mind going in all sorts of directions! I should have spoken up during the meeting. I even talked to my assistant director afterwards and told her how I felt and what I was thinking, she told me she wished that I spoke up.

Maybe it is just bigger groups and higher authority figures I have a hard time sharing my thoughts to. I even do it in class. Sometimes I have a thought or idea, and I am scared to say it. Or even answer / ask a question.

Taking this assessment really made me rethink my meeting interaction. I will definitely start contributing more! I know I will have to when we start our group projects and when I need to communicate with our clients.


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